Disney Fantasy Halloween Cruise Trip Report

Day 3

October 29th 2012
Day at sea
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We began our second day at sea with our only restaurant breakfast of the trip.  We ate in the Royal Court and enjoyed it very much.  Our 9 year old ordered the sausage omelet and there was actually slices of spicy sausage in it so he didn't like it.  Our table server asked how we liked our food and noticed that our son wasn't eating his.  When our table server found out that our son didn't like his omelet, he went back to the kitchen and had them freshly prepare a plain cheese omelet (that was not on the menu) for our son.  That just goes to show you the amazing service you get on a Disney Cruise and that they even pay attention to what the younger population things on their ship.
After breakfast we took our time finishing up on the fish extender gift deliveries and then decided to take a relaxing tour of the ship.  It was so much fun to explore the different areas of the ship.  We decided to give the Midship Detective Agency a try and had a great time participating in the Muppets mystery.
The Midship Detective Agency was a great way to explore the ship.  We had to talk all around the ship looking for clues and took some extra time enjoying the Promenade Deck on Deck 4.  This is the only deck where you can walk entirely around the ship.  It is used as a walking/jogging track with 2.5 laps to the mile.  Promenade decks used to be where people put on their best dresses and suites to promenade or walk in front of others relaxing on the deck.  It was a place where the rich sized up their competition and showed off their best style and jewels.
Our boys relax in the chairs on the promenade deck in the beautiful weather.  They imagine what it must have been like with many people parading around the deck dressed in their finest.
After some touring and lunch at Cabanas, the kids returned to the Oceaneer Lab for some more Super Sloppy Science and we went on the Art Of The Theme Tour at 3:30 in the afternoon.  The tour was an interesting look at the theming and decor or the ship including a close look into places that you normally don't get to see.  It was fun and informative.  I will share pictures with you below.
Dinner tonight was in the Enchanted Garden Restaurant.  After dinner our stateroom host, Thongchai Jitnak, offered to put on a towel folding demonstration for us.  We really had fun seeing how he folded all of those towel animals.  our youngest begged for a towel monkey until the host finally agreed to make one for him. (You can see video of the towel animal demonstration below)
We decided to attend the show in the Walt Disney Theater featuring the comedy and hypnosis of Dale K.  he was entertaining while keeping it clean enough for the kids to watch.  We sat in the balcony because we wanted to be sure that we were not chosen as volunteers.
After the show we needed to get some sleep for our long day in Costa Maya the next day.
Video of the Midship Detective Agency:
Towel Folding with our Stateroom Host, Thongchai Jitnak:

October 29th Personal Navigator
This is the sausage omelet that our son didn’t like. He did like the cheese omelet that they made up special for him.

Waffles filled with sweet cream cheese and topped with maple syrup. Yum!

Our other son’s Mickey waffle plate with scrambles eggs, pancakes, fruit and plenty of syrup.

Eggs Benedict

Porthole window in the hall near Animator’s Palate

Walking the Hall on deck 3 outside of Animator’s Palate

Beautiful atrium chandelier

Chandelier close-up

Atrium carpet

Playing the Midship Detective Agency. The Muppets, The Case Of The Stolen Show.

Animated Art

Animated Art

Animated Art

Questioning BOBO the Security Guard during the Midship Detective Agency

Searching the flower shop for clues using the Agent Card.

Holding up the agent card and moving it allows you to interact with the art on the wall.

Taking notes from the flower shop

Posing for a picture on the promenade deck (deck 4) The only deck that completely circles the ship. 2.5 laps = 1 mile.

Relaxing in the chairs on the promenade deck and imagining what it must have been like back when people paraded here dressed in their finest.

Relaxing and pretending to read the Newspaper

Standing next to Pepe The King Prawn’s door. Stateroom #5148 1/2

Pepe The King Prawn’s stateroom door

Tip: If you are playing the Muppets Midship Detective Agency, and do not want to make too many trips to this door, take some good close up photographs to refer back to for clues. Personally I can use the extra exercise.

Midship Detective Agency

Midship Detective Agency Map

Getting ready for lunch at Cabanas


The Art Of The Theme Tour first stop was Remy’s Restaurant. This is an adult only restaurant with reservations required. It is often difficult to get into and requires an additional fee.

Back of the chairs in Remy

Looking from Remy into a smaller more private area, Gusteau’s. This room in more for private functions such as wedding receptions.

Table setting in Remy

Carpet in Gusteau’s

Detail in Gusteau’s

Walls painted like the Paris skyline in Gusteau’s


Back wall in Gusteau’s painted to look like the kitchen in the animated film Ratatouille

A little, crystal statue of Remy above the light just inside Remy’s. This custom, crystal statue cost Disney Cruise Line $10,000.

A painting of Remy and Emile in the stairway just outside of the Remy restaurant. They sit together and admire the Paris skyline.

The Tube

The Tube

Detail in the atrium

Entryway into the Royal Court from the Atrium

looking up at the magnificent chandelier.

Enchanted Garden


Towel Animal - Seal

Towel Animal - Monkey. our youngest begged the stateroom attendant to make him a towel monkey.

Towel Animal - pig

Our Room attendant posing with the towel monkey.

Getting ready for some mini golf on the sports deck

Aqua Duck at night from the sports deck






Playing mini golf on the sports deck

getting help from dad




Aqua Duck at night

Seagulls in Cabanas

Seagull in Cabanas

Nemo tile mosaic in Cabanas

Cabanas sign


Empty Cabanas at night

Turn down for the night with towel animal and chocolates

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